Overnight Services:

For comfort and security small dogs and large dogs are kept in separate areas at all times – separate outdoor fenced play areas, separate buildings for indoor care and obviously separate sleeping quarters.

After the majority of the daytime guests have checked out, dinner is made available for our evening and overnight guests. The meal is available to the dogs for approximately half and hour. Meal times are happily adjusted at the owner’s instruction.

The dogs are allowed to move outdoors at will and perform their end of the day necessities, the lights are dimmed for a few hours and the upbeat daytime music (Michel Buble, Nora Jones, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney and Mr. Sinatra) is switched to more sedate classical music (Bach, Mozart, Benedictine chants) and finally the day is done.

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Your dogs rarely feel alone at Happy Paws.

Morning Routine:

At Happy Paws Daycare and Kennel we attempt to duplicate the home environment, routine and comforts. Our canine customers are woken up gently and allowed private time for their personal morning routine. After the dogs have had a moment for their necessities, breakfast is available for half an hour. Meal times are happily adjusted to the owners requests. After the new arrivals for the day have been introduced to the community, supervised play begins the day.