Emergency Plan


In Case of Emergency:

In the event of an emergency our procedures are as follows:

If your Vet on record is unavailable there are 2 emergency veterinarian services – North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital is our fist choice – they are available outside of normal business hours and the second choice would be the emergency animal treatment center on Rt. 21 south of Gilead (north of Hambright).

Special Medications: (free administration)

Please inform our staff if your dog is on any medication and we will be glad to administer it if possible. We will need specific instructions as prescribed by your veterinarian. Please leave original labeling on package for identification. Should your dog require medication, we need an adequate supply for the duration of the dog’s stay.

Special Dietary Needs:

If your dog is on a restricted diet please inform our staff. Should your dog require special food, we need an adequate supply for the duration of the dog’s stay.


Please provide your dog’s food of choice in a labeled Ziploc with feeding instructions. Here at Happy Paws we want your dog to be comfortable and feel at home. Switching foods suddenly can cause an upset stomach and discomfort for your dog so please remember to bring your preferred food and treats with you!