Happy Paws Daycare and Kennel

  • The public has no access to your dogs
  • All play areas are surrounded by landscaping and protective fencing and your dogs are supervised by a member of the staff

Play Areas:

  • Happy Paws has individual play areas for small and large dogs
  • The small dog area accommodates dogs approximately 35 pounds and less
  • The large dog area accommodates dogs approximately 35 pounds and more
  • 100% Staff supervision at all times to maintain a safe, playful and calm environment
  • Full utilization of indoor and outdoor play areas throughout the day
  • Afternoon naptime with soothing music
  • Indoor air is triple filtered with your dog’s health in mind
  • The indoor temperature is climate controlled all year for the comfort of your dog
  • Daily activities are adapted to the dogs needs and best judgement of the staff


Here at Happy Paws our goal is for your dog to be comfortable and feel at home. Please provide your dog’s food of choice in a labeled Ziploc bag with feeding instructions written on the bag along with the dog’s name. Switching foods suddenly can cause an upset stomach and discomfort for your dog so please remember to bring your preferred food and treats with you!

Our water is triple filtered so we can provide the purest water for your dog. Dogs will have access to fresh water at all times.

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